"Drawing on the classical aesthetic of clarity, directness in communication, and balance of proportion,
my current music may be regarded as expressing a 'modern classicism', one that reflects an eclecticism
typical of a multifarious world. As a composer, my aspiration is a music that speaks to the common humanity
residing in us all; a music that is intimate in its touch, but universal in its communication."

Joseph Giovinazzo is an Australian composer, with performances in Australia, America, and Europe.
He is active in the promotion of contemporary Australian and, in particular, Melbourne, art music.
He is a founding member, inaugural secretary, and past president of the Melbourne Composers League.
He hosted and co-produced New Music Now, a series of programmes for community television focusing on
a range of contemporary Melbourne composers. He helped create and establish Mikro-Polyphonie,
an Internet journal dealing with contemporary music.

He was introduced to composition and modern harmony by Prof. Tony Gould, and is a graduate of the
Music Department at La Trobe University, Melbourne (at the time, Australia's leading institution for the
study of musical composition and contemporary art music), completing his Doctorate of Philosophy in the
areas of music composition, orchestration, analysis and theory. He has taught music for Monash University,
Latrobe University, The University of New England, and the Australian Institute of Music.